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Sport ToTo OTT Virtual All Terrain Vehicle (AV)

The Sport ToO OTT Virtual All Terrain Vehicle (AV) is designed to reduce the impacts of harsh weather and to offer maximum performance for long distances. It has a 360 degree rotational steering system that allows the driver to steer by hand from side to side, up and down, left and right, and up and down in a 90 degree arc 먹튀검증. The inside of the vehicle has a heated and air-conditioned interior with comfortable seats and proper climate control.

A Rally King® controller is mounted on the Sport ToO OTT AV receiver for monitoring the entire program and data log. The four-wheel drive system has a strong and sturdy transmission unit that is electrically operated with a gear ratio adjustment on the OTT-X transmission. When the transmission is engaged, the Sport ToO OTT AV is powered by an electric motor that moves the front wheels.

When the vehicle is on flat ground, the Sport ToO OTT AV will go to a stop. However, if the terrain is rough, the driver can choose from a number of different sports suspension settings that vary in ride height, suspension travel, and stiffness. A dual-piston sliding differential makes it possible to vary the ratio between first and second gear and between second and third gear. The Sport ToO OTT AV also has a brake-blocked electronic power steering system with slipper servo operation that gives drivers feedback of engine torque and vehicle speed.

The Sport ToO OTT AV offers sporty performance with a spacious interior. With more than thirty-two inches of rear legroom, a large and comfortable leather reclining bench seat with side bolsters, front bucket seat, and a glove box, passengers have more room and convenience. A large center console with a storage compartment and a fold-out tray provides storage for tools and equipment and serves as a handy storage area.

The Sport ToO OTT AV comes with an autopilot and steering system that allows the driver to engage and disengage the autopilot by pushing buttons on the steering wheel, or choose to operate the vehicle remotely through the V-RAY transmission. The front windshield features a forward and rear view camera with enhanced night vision and the rear hatch has a thermal and reflective dome.

A power top can be folded and stored under the rear seat. The floor of the vehicle has an underseat storage space, as well as an outdoor storage area with a pair of built-in fold-out picnic tables. The vehicle also has a roof rack for carrying an extra set of fishing line and tackle.

The Sport ToO OTT Virtual All Terrain Vehicle (AV) is one of the most popular vehicles being used by many companies and is an ideal choice for the discriminating adventure-traveler. The vehicle is easy to tow and has loads of room, power, and comfort for extended trips.

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